CRG technologies manufactures custom cartoners for food, personal care, hardware, automotive, pharmaceutical and many other markets.  CRG specializes in feeding and transfer systems to automatically load your product.

The CRG IMC Cartoner is an intermittent motion cartoner that can cycle at up to 60cpm.  Available in standard steel construction or food grade stainless steel.  CRG will design a custom bucket infeed and product loading system for your application.

The CRG CMC Cartoner is a continuous motion cartoner capable of speeds to 250cpm.  The CMC can be outfitted with custom product transfers, infeed buckets and load systems to meet the most demanding automation projects.

CRG Technologies offers free consultation services. CRG has Technical Field Sales Engineers that can travel to your facility to assess your needs, and then develop baseline suggestions on the next steps. We respond to all inquiries.