CRG Technologies Announces Partnership with The Dallas Group

Louisville, Kentucky, USA (PR Newswire) September 1, 2014: CRG Technologies is teaming with The Dallas Group to offer oil purification solutions to large-scale food Producers that involves the elimination of industrial frying oil discard. CRG Technologies (Louisville, KY) specializes in providing customized engineering solutions to the Food and Beverage industry, while The Dallas Group (Whitehouse, NJ) focuses on optimizing the frying operations and oil quality for their customers.


Frying oil is susceptible to many unfavorable conditions. In response, oil manufacturers have continuously pursued techniques to enhance its stability. Processors of fried foods are presented with the challenge of balancing the health demands of consumers, frying process efficiency, and finished product stability. DALSORB® Oil Purifier keeps frying oil fresh, fried product light and crisp, while never discarding a drop of frying oil.

Fore more information, contact The Dallas Group at 502-396-0391 or

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