Sanitary Processing Skids

CRG Technologies creates fabrication drawings for skid frames and piping assemblies using sanitary design standards. 3D models of finished skids are created. The CRG fabrication team uses a skid building process to ensure that everything is assembled with sanitary designs in mind. All systems are wired, commissioned and a factory acceptance test is performed.

CRG Technologies can provide:

• Skids Compliant to Industry Standards
• Sanitary Piping and Orbital Welding
• Internal Welds Inspected via Borescope
• Passivation and Pressure Testing
• Design Services
• Control Packages

System designs can include:
• Sanitary filtration
• Process Water Filtration System
• Liquid valve matrix
• Heat exchange & distribution

CRG Technologies offers free consultation services. CRG has Technical Field Sales Engineers that can travel to your facility to assess your needs, and then develop baseline suggestions on the next steps. We respond to all inquiries.